The Karl Le Fong Gathering

The Karl Le Fong Gathering
Saturday 3rd October at The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

You are invited to The Karl Le Fong Gathering which will be taking place at The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow on Saturday 3rd October 2015.

What is it?
The Karl Le Fong Gathering is for invited magicians only.  If you’re reading this, then those sending it know you as a student of close up magic, someone who can do some pretty cool stuff with cards, coins and other small objects and someone who probably understands the reference in the gathering’s title.

Essentially, The Karl Le Fong Gathering is a day-long session interrupted by a couple of talks.  What it is not is a convention.  We won’t have lectures – we’ll have talks.  These talks may last an hour or 2, they may only last 20 minutes.  Also, the speakers may sell things after their talks, but then they may not.  That’s purely up to the individual speakers.

What will be happening?
We will be kicking things off with a “Show Something” session that everyone is invited to participate in.  Show us a trick. If it’s original and you would like to teach it to the group, that would be great too. If you would like to volunteer to take part in this, please get in touch.

We currently have 2 speakers lined up.  They are:-

  • Eddie McCall on Riffle Shuffles
    Eddie is one of the quiet ones in Glasgow who has a penchant for doing some incredible riffle shuffle work.  Eddie has agreed to share some of this work with us.
  • Alan Rorrison on the Creative Process
    Alan is one of the most creative and in demand people in magic with his creations being used by Troy on his television series. Alan is going to let us into his creative process, teaching a few effects in the process to illustrate the points he’ll make during his talk.

Who can come?
Well, you can!  You’re reading this invitation, aren’t you?  That said, if you know of anyone who you feel should get an invitation, please get in touch with us.

However, we can only accept 40 registrants!  Once the 40 spots are gone, they’re gone.  So get your registrations in as soon as possible as we don’t want you missing out.

How do you register?
Registration costs a measly £22– yes, TWENTY TWO POUNDS!  You can paid via PayPal (our preferred method) by clicking the button below.

pay now button

Of course, you can pay at the door but we need to know in advance as we wouldn’t want your space to be filled.  To let us know, please e-mail us at

If you are driving to the event, you can park your car at the St Oswald Street NCP car park for the reduced rate of £8 for the day.

A small favour to ask…
We do have one wee favour to ask.  Please let us know if you cannot make it.  We don’t mind if you have to say no as we know that you may have work commitments and we are sending these invitations to various magicians all over the country, but PLEASE let us know if you cannot come.

Please get your registrations in to us as soon as possible as, once the 40 spaces are gone, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to come along.

We hope you can make it along to The Karl Le Fong Gathering at The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow on Saturday 3rd October 2015.  We look forward to seeing you there.