About The Organisers

The Karl Le Fong Gathering is being co-organised by Peter McLanachan and Neil Stirton.

Peter McLanachan is a relatively unknown Scottish cardman who currently resides near Kilmarnock. Always having an interest in magic, he discovered card magic when he started on The Royal Road to Card Magic, bought from Tam Shepherd’s in Glasgow. He later joined Paisley Magic Circle, of which he became President for a year and is an Honorary Life Member.

Neil Stirton considers himself a student of magic and has been studying for the past 17 years. Heavily influenced by the local talent we have in Scotland, he has a passion for cards. A member of the Edinburgh based Nine of Diamonds troupe, Neil meets for regular sessions with the rest of the group and has recently been instrumental in bringing lecturers to Edinburgh to perform for the magic community.

Both Neil and Peter felt there was a lack of conventions in Scotland for close up magicians and, having been inspired by tales of the Buffalo 52, Dallas Super Session and Pebblepalooza gatherings in America, thought it would be a fun idea to organise a similar get together here. The result is The Karl Le Fong Gathering.

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