How Can I Attend? – Existing Members

Thank you for considering recommending a new attendee to our Gathering.  As you know, we do not advertise and so the only way new magicians can attend is via word of mouth.

Please remember the types of magicians we are looking for at KLFG are performers, practitioners, academics and sharers; not just lookers, note takers or because you want an autograph of your favourite magician.

Don’t just sponsor someone because they are your friend; ask yourself how they might contribute to the performances or discussions that happen at our event.

As new attendees are expected to perform at the Gathering, please ensure they have help and support to put on a competent performance.

Neil and Peter will not be chasing new applicants so after they’ve made contact and have been asked for a video submission (if they’re not already known to the hosts), registration fees, etc, they should respond in a timely manner.