How Can I Attend? – Prospective Attendees

Thank you for your interest in our event! The Karl Le Fong Gathering is quickly becoming one of the most talked about events on the UK magic calendar and we’re thrilled that interest is growing.

As a result, we have a few ground rules we wish to make everyone aware of in the hope that this sets out the process for potential new attendees:-

  • We strictly limit attendance each year to 40 people. This is to retain the intimate feel of the gathering that has worked so well in previous years.
  • Attendees from the previous year will get first option on attendance the following year.
  • Only ‎if numbers allow, we will allow a small number of new attendees each year.
  • We will start taking registrations from new attendees approximately 4 months before the event (June each year).
  • New Attendees must have sponsorship from an existing member. They must also contact the organisers expressing an interest and naming their sponsor. The organisers will then respond and ask for a video performance to be submitted.
  • ‎New attendees must also perform for their peers at the event itself.
  • New attendees are accepted on a conditional basis. Attendance at one event does not guarantee an invite the following year.
  • All new attendees must provide feedback to the organisers naming what they liked about the event, and what they felt could be improved.